Visiting Scholar 2004

Speaking Interdisciplinarily


Dr. Andrea Liu, Professor of Physics at the University of Pennsylvania, visited Truman State University during Wednesday, September 29 through Friday, October 1.  As a Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar, Dr. Liu gave lectures, visit classes, and meet with faculty and students at Truman.

U. Penn’s Department of Physics and Astronomy says “Liu is a theorist who studies charged polymers, electrostatics, and the mechanics of ‘jamming’, a term she coined to describe the breakdown of flow in sand, glasses, and foams.”  Dr. Liu and her husband have recently joined the U. Penn faculty.   They previously served on the faculty of the University of California at Los Angeles, where Dr. Liu was Professor of Chemistry.

At 7:30 – 8:45 PM, Wednesday, September 29, a reception was held in the Student Union Building’s Quiet Lounge for Dr. Liu and student members of Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Kappa Phi, as well as members of Pershing Society and candidates for graduation with General Honors .

At 12:30 – 145 PM, Thursday, September 30, Women in Chemistry and their guests held a “brownbag” lunch for Dr. Liu in the Student Union’s Spanish Room.  Dr. Liu gave a presentation on Women in Academia.

At 3:00 PM Thursday, September 30, Dr. Liu conducted a Physics Colloquium on “Jamming” in Violette Hall 1000.  Jamming is about materials that are supposed to flow smoothly but don’t.

The public was invited to attend Dr. Liu’s lecture on The Physics of How Cells Crawl and Listeria Spreads”, which was given at 8:00 PM Thursday, September 30 in Violette Hall 1000.  Her lecture discussed the unusual physics involved in these biological events.  A reception followed in the Violette Hall Commons (up the stairs from the auditorium).

At 9:30 AM Friday, October 1, Dr. Liu visited Professor Russell Baughman’s Physical Chemistry class for a short presentation and to entertain questions from the class.

Support for Dr. Liu’s visit was provided by the national Phi Beta Kappa Society and by Dr. Charles J. McClain, President Emeritus of Truman State University.

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